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Tired of investing in genuine cryptos with real use case, only to find their
prices plunging days later due to manipulation and dumping?

Stable Coin

Screw the Bots and Traders!

Enough is enough! This shenanigan has been going on for too long.

Developers ploughing a huge amount of money, time and effort to launch coin projects… Investors putting their hard-earned money into these projects with hopes of capital gain… only to see BOTH their dreams shattered to smithereens, time and again, by bots and traders who don’t give a S#%T about the projects!

In the long run, this is not going to help move the industry to the next level.

Stable Coin
Stable Coin

As Vitalik Buterin, Founder Of Ethereum, Said…

“The next wave of crypto adoption is not going to be built on hype because the hype is over. It has to come from really useful applications and things delivering value to people.”

Indeed. the hype is over! The tsunami of buyers that flooded the exchanges throughout 2017 has gone, leaving many investors licking their wounds after the dramatic fall from grace.

Most of the top cryptos have lost more than half of their values since the beginning of the year.

Cryptocurrency Is the Future But Cash Is Still King

Stop kidding yourself. A butcher shop in Nairobi, a small café in Prague and a used car dealer in Caracas accepting Bitcoin cannot be considered mass adoption. 

Over the last 12 months, more than 200 cryptos have been listed on various exchanges. Amongst them are some excellent projects with real use case and strong potential to be the next Ethereum or Ripple.

Unfortunately, like all cryptos, they faltered when it comes to adoption. With their volatile price swings, it is simply too risky for anyone outside the diehard crypto community to accept cryptos in lieu of fiat.

Stable Coin
Stable Coin Logo

Enter A Game-Changing Coin…

STABLE COIN (STABL) brings to the industry a new class of coin with two radical features: price pegging and minimum trade quantity.

In an unprecedented move to protect coin developers and investors against indiscriminate “dumping”, STABLE COIN is pegged to 0.00088 BTC on the exchange. That means, no one can sell below 0.00088 BTC.

In order to trade on the exchange, one also has to have at least 50 STABLE COINS in his exchange wallet. Hence, preventing bounty hunters from dropping prices with small quantity of coins.


Key Features of STABLE COIN

Stable Coin

Price Protection

STABLE COIN is pegged to 0.00088 BTC on the exchange. The price of STABLE COIN can never drop below that, offering investors and merchants a peace of mind.

Stable Coin

Minimum Trade Quantity

You need to have a minimum quantity of 50 STABLE COINS in your exchange wallet to trade. This is to prevent bots and traders from manipulating prices with small quantity of coins.

Stable Coin


Masternode secures the blockchain network and aid in making transaction instantly. Node holders are rewarded daily with newly-mined STABLE COINS.

Stable Coin


Uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks, keeping your transactions and accounts away from prying eyes.

Stable Coin


STABLE COINS utilize PrivateSend to give our users the option to keep their payments private and anonymous.

Stable Coin


Staking STABLE COINS on the blockchain helps to secure the network as it moves forward. Stakeholders earn daily rewards in STABLE COINS.

Stable Coin


Advanced Quark hashing algorithm protects the blockchain network, keeping all transactions transparent and leak-proof.

Stable Coin


Send and receive payment in STABLE COINS worldwide instantaneously through our platform with minimal fees.

Stable Coin

Global Adoption

Specialized apps, products and services will be created around STABLE COINS to increase its demand and usage in the global wellness market.

Stable Coin

Earn Passive Income with STABLE COIN

STABLE COIN masternodes are essentially decentralized nodes that host a wallet with a collateralized amount of STABLE COINS.

These nodes perform vital tasks such as:

  • Adding layers of privacy to transactions
  • Stabilizing the network
  • Increasing network transaction speeds
  • Providing financial incentives to node holders for each validated transaction

The STABLE blockchain rewards node holders with newly-mined STABLE COINS daily, allowing them to earn passive income in return for securing the network. The return on investment (ROI) is determined by the number of masternodes and amount of collateral committed to the network.

The opportunity to operate a STABLE COIN masternode is available to anyone who purchases the required amount of collateral.


STABLE COIN Reward Structure

Running a masternode can be a financially rewarding venture. The STABLE blockchain generates a reward every 60 seconds. The masternode that “completes its tasks” will earn the corresponding rewards.

Node holders who own masternodes are entitled to 80% of the total reward, while the remaining 20% goes to stakeholders who have coins in blockchain but not a masternode.

Stable Coin
Stable Coin

STABLE Coin Specification

Ticker symbol STABL
Algorithm Quark
Type POS + Masternode
Max coin supply 5,000,000
Premined 80,000
Block generation 60 seconds
Block No Rewards/Block Masternode (80%) Staking (20%)
0 - 20000 0.5 0.4 0.1
20001 - 40000 0.75 0.6 0.15
40001 - 60000 1.0 0.8 0.2
60001 - 80000 1.25 1.0 0.25
80001 - 100000 1.5 1.2 0.3
100001 - 120000 2.0 1.6 0.4
120001 - 140000 2.5 2.0 0.5
140001 - 160000 3.0 2.4 0.6
160001 - 180000 3.5 2.8 0.7
180001 - 200000 4.0 3.2 0.8
200001 - 220000 4.5 3.6 0.9
220001 - 240000 5.0 4.0 1.0
240001 - 260000 5.5 4.4 1.1
260001 - 280000 6.0 4.8 1.2
280001 - 300000 5.5 4.4 1.1
300001 - 320000 5.0 4.0 1.0
320001 - 340000 4.5 3.8 0.9
340001 - 360000 4.0 3.2 0.8
360001 - 380000 3.5 2.8 0.7
380001 - 400000 3.0 2.4 0.6
400001 - 420000 2.0 1.6 0.4
420001 - completion 1.0 0.8 0.2


Stable Coin

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Wallet Download

The wallet plays an important role for the masternode. It is where your collateralized STABLE COINS are kept. The wallet, which can be installed on your PC or a cloud server, is synced to your blockchain via a virtual private server that hosts a copy of the blockchain.


Please download and install the appropriate wallet for your

Stable Coin

The Road to Adoption

The STABLE COIN roadmap depicts the projected dates for the delivery of milestones. Over the next 3 years, we will be launching several high profile projects that will boost the adoption and increase the usage of STABLE coins in the global marketplace.

Q1 2019
  • STABLE coin development
  • STABLE desktop development
  • Discord group launch
  • Telegram group launch
  • Listing on FinexBox
  • Listing on
  • Listing on shared masternode platforms
Q2 2019
  • Launch marketing campaign for STABLOO
  • Launch SEO campaigns for STABLE COINS
  • STABLE COIN mobile wallet development (IOS, Android)
  • Listing on
  • Listing on
  • Listing on
  • Listing on Coingecko, Coinlib, Blockfolio and Delta
Q3 2019
  • Listing on 2nd crypto exchange that meets our requirements
  • Aggressive marketing campaign for STABLOO to acquire new subscribers
  • New partnerships with traders on Lazada, AliExpress, Shopee, Carousell, etc
  • Launch of TRAINER4U platform
  • Social media marketing on TRAINER4U
  • Listing of STABLE COIN on CoinMarketCap
Q4 2019
  • Social media campaign to acquire new coin listing and investors to our exchange
  • Launch referral program for STABLOO
  • Launch referral program for TRAINER4U
  • Development of DATING platform
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